Strategy and vision

Strategic focus for the period 2015–2017

Radiation safety

  • Improve safety at the Norwegian research reactors.
  • Contribute to international nuclear safety to help reduce the risk of radioactive contamination.
  • Prevent injuries caused by UV and radon radiation.
  • Prevent the consequences of damage to health and the environment from radioactive waste and emissions.

Correct use of radiation

  • Prevent unwanted incidents from radiation sources.
  • Ensure the right patient gets the correct examination and treatment at the right time and the right dose.
  • Good overview of all sources of radiation and usage.

Operative national nuclear preparedness and the ability to act in a crisis, based on cooperation.

  • Maintain up to date information regarding threats.
  • Ensure 24/7 cover for the Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness.
  • Maintain national measurement capacity and competence.
  • Improve the focus on the northern areas.

Available knowledge about radiation and risk

  • Create a knowledge base through national and international collaboration on research and monitoring.
  • Actively share knowledge and information.
  • Good overview of all doses the population has been exposed to.

Visible, clear and predictable authority

  • Ensure safe and effective management and production.
  • Be the preferred adviser and the source of knowledge.
  • Be a visible national and international player.