New publication: TMT Handbook


Published 14.05.2009, updated 01.10.2014 14:26

Keywords: Preparedness

A new Handbook with guidelines on how to act in events of malevolent use of radiation is now available.

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has taken part in a research project called TMT Handbook: Triage, Monitoring and Treatment – handbook for management of the public in the event of malevolent use of radiation, which has been partly funded by The European Commission under the 6th Euratom Framework Programme and The Research Council of Norway. The main objective has been to produce a practicable handbook addressing this issue, tailored for use by the Emergency Response Organisations across Europe.

The TMT Handbook gives advice on how to:

  • monitor radioactivity in the field/search for sources
  • establish zones and zone boundaries
  • monitor people for contamination in the field
  • perform decontamination
  • prioritise exposed/injuried persons for further medical treatment
  • treat persons with radiation injuries in hospital
  • perform estimates of dose from both contamination and external irradiation
  • follow up exposed persons in the long-term

TMT Handbook is both available as a printed version and as a PDF which can be downloaded for free from the project’s website:
For questions regarding the distribution of TMT Handbook, please contact

To download TMT Handbook directly, please press here.