Nordic guidelines in case of nuclear or radiological emergencies


Published 12.03.2014, updated 01.10.2014 13:47

Keywords: Preparedness

The Nordic radiation and nuclear safety authorities have now published joint, generic guidelines for protective measures concerning population and functions of society in case of nuclear or radiological emergencies. The guidelines are agreed by authorities in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The guidelines form a unique document that includes practical criteria for early protective measures as well as for actions after contamination. The document also contains criteria for lifting measures.

Severe nuclear or radiological emergencies may have direct or indirect impact on many countries, and joint criteria allow consistent protective measures and advice to the public in such situations. The protective measures may include sheltering indoors, taking stable iodine tablets to protect thyroid, evacuation, protection of production and commodities, decontamination of inhabited areas, and management of waste that contains radioactive material.

The Nordic guidelines are based on the Finnish guides for nuclear and radiological emergencies and further developed through close Nordic cooperation. They take into account both domestic emergencies and emergencies in more distant locations, and they cover both accidents and intentional acts. The guidelines form a practical implementation of the new international radiation protection concept established for emergencies.