Questions and answers regarding the incident at Institute for Energy Technology in Halden, Norway


Published 25.10.2016, updated 25.10.2016 14:31

Keywords: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Nuclear safety, Preparedness

This is a small release without consequences for man or environment.

What has happened?

During handling of fuel in the reactor hall, a technical fault led to a release of radioactivity within the reactor hall and a smaller release to the surroundings.

The alarm sounded in the reactor hall and personnel evacuated in accordance with internal routines.
There is no danger for man or environment.

What and how much was released?

The release is small and constitutes 5% of the amount of radioactive iodine IFE is permitted to discharge yearly.
The release is estimated to have been 150 MBq (Megabecquerel) I-131 and 24 MBq of I-132.

Is it dangerous?

The release is not dangerous to either man or environment.
It is safe to move freely outside in the area.

Hva is IFE doing?

IFE has, after the release, been into the reactor hall and taken control of the fuel for which the technical fault occurred. This means that the radioactive material has been encapsulated in lead such that further releases to the hall or environment do not occur.

Hva is NRPA doing?

NRPA has dispatched a measurement team who will measure radiation levels at various locations around the facility.