The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) starts new inspections at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)


Published 26.10.2016

Keywords: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Preparedness

The NRPA has finished dealing with the accidental radioactive leak in the IFE Halden reactor, and have now started a new round of inspection at IFE to investigate the leak.
When an accidental leak of radioactivity occurs in the Halden reactor, the NRPA should be notified immediately. IFE first notified the NRPA 20 hours after the leak was discovered on Monday.

– This is not according to our expectations and the routines IFE are obliged to follow. Therefore, we have now started a new round of inspection, stated Director Per Strand of the NRPA.

Measurements NRPA conducted at and around the IFE Halden reactor on Tuesday showed no radioactive iodine contamination. Water and air samples taken in the area that were measured overnight on Tuesday also contained no radioactive iodine.

The NRPA finished dealing with the incident at 18:00 local time on Tuesday evening.

IFE will send the NRPA a plan of measures that must be completed in order to get back to normal operations on Wednesday. This action plan will also describe projected emissions of radioactivity in connection with this work.

The NRPA also has opened an inspection case relating to the technical failure during fuel operations to ensure that the situation is under control.