Update on the situation at research reactor IFE Halden, Norway


Published 04.11.2016

Keywords: Preparedness

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) continues to have an elevated level of inspection at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) due to the incident at the research reactor in Halden 24 October.

There has been progress dealing with the damaged fuel in the reactor hall, but work still remains to be done. The NRPA have also been particularly concerned about the safety of the reactor and have asked IFE to make several assessments regarding the reactor situation. IFE has assessed the situation and followed up with additional safety measures.

IFE have now initiated circulation of the reactor coolant for example. This means that contaminated air from the reactor hall is being filtered to reduce iodine levels and then released to the atmosphere. This controlled release from IFE-Halden is low level and below permitted limits stated in the operating license. The release has no environmental or health consequences.

The NRPA remain in close contact with IFE and have inspection personnel on-site at Halden most of the time, and during all operations. The NRPA are also continuously being updated about any changes in the situation.