Untrue rumours about an on-going incident at Halden reactor in Norway


Published 17.03.2017

Keywords: Preparedness

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has become aware that stories about an ongoing incident involving a “meltdown” at the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) reactor situated in Halden are currently circulating in some European media.

We would like to emphasize that these stories are not true. The reactor in Halden has been shut down since October 8, 2016. A small emission of radioactivity did occur from the facility in October / November last year, in connection with removing and handling a damaged fuel element. All international contact points were informed about these emissions and they were also featured in the media and on the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority's official website.

The documented observations of radioactive iodine that started during January in several places in Europe, including Norway, are not related to the IFE facility at Halden. The measured values are very low and have no health or environmental impacts. Nonetheless, the source of radioactive iodine that has been observed remains unknown.

You can follow the radioactivity levels in Norway on our nationwide monitoring network (Radnett).