Sunbed use must be overseen by trained personnel


Publisert 28.05.2013, oppdatert 28.05.2013 09:42

From 1 January 2014 all sunbed use in Norway must be overseen by trained personnel. Below you can read more about what the new requirement implies for your tanning salon/facility.




Undertakings offering solarium usage for cosmetic purposes must from 1 January next year be staffed by a person over the age of 18 years. The employee must:

• physically be available at any time during opening hours

• check that all customers are over the age of 18 years

• have sufficient training to be able to inform each customer about relevant risk factors associated with the use of sunbeds

• on inspection be able to show proof of having passed a mandatory test


Mandatory test

A training course and a mandatory test will be available from autumn 2013. The training program will be available as an e-learning course, while the test must be taken in a specified test location/centre. The test will be mandatory for the solarium employee, while the training course is optional if the employees already have the required knowledge.The undertaking must be able to document that their staff is sufficiently trained. The only accepted way of documenting this is by the staff taking and passing the mandatory test.


Who is affected?

The requirement for trained personnel applies to all undertakings offering solarium for cosmetic purposes to other people, for both lease and use. In this context “undertaking” does not only include businesses, therefore the staff requirement also applies to individual persons, sole proprietorships, clubs, associations, company sports teams and so on that offer solarium for cosmetic purposes for lease or use. The new requirement does not apply to solariums in private homes intended for private use.


Relevant regulations

Regulation no. 1380 concerning radiation protection and use of radiation, Section 36, 3rd paragraph:
« Undertakings who offer tanning appliances for cosmetic purposes for lease or use shall at any time be attended and serviced by personnel over the age of 18 years with adequate training. The personnel shall inform each customer about relevant risk factors in the use of tanning appliances. The undertaking must be able to document that adequate training has been given to the inspection authorities»


The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA)’s website will be continuously updated with relevant information regarding the training course and test.


Press contact: Jofrid Egeland, + 47 67 16 26 43.